Self-Managing Your Thrift Savings or 401(k) Plan Just Became Easier

We’ve turned Dollar Cost Averaging into Value Investing for Improved Performance and a higher ‘Margin of Safety’!

The TradeMyTrades investing model is a common-sense Money Management System.

With the TradeMyTrades investing model, Cash is still King, and you get more bang for your $$’s.

As prices go up in value, you buy fewer shares and save some of your regular contribution in cash.  As prices go down, you use your saved cash to buy more shares at lower prices.


A Client Example:

Susan is an investor that previously used Dollar Cost Averaging to allocate all of her regular contribution dollars to the C-Fund.  Now, with the TradeMyTrades System, instead of investing the total amount of her regular contribution as prices rise, she’s utilizing the G Fund to preserve some cash during a rising market for use to buy more shares at lower prices on the occasion the market turns down.

Susan has seen the share prices of the C-Fund rise and increase the value of her account.

Learn how Susan integrated the TradeMyTrades Money Management System to become a Value Investor.

Let TradeMyTrades show you how you can self-manage your Thrift Savings and 401(k)Plan by committing only a few minutes monthly to increase your margin of safety and improve the performance of your invested dollars!

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