What Do We Do?

Every week we publish the recommended investment/cash percentages for our members utilizing the stock market through retirement programs or individual accounts. The Risk-Cash Ratios allow investors to self-manage their accounts and profit by buying low and selling high.

Our key service-product to Federal Employees is the TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios applied to the TSP Funds C, S, I, and G.

Our key service-product to Stock and Fund investors is the TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios applied to individual stocks, ETF’s, and mutual funds.  The Individual Stock and Fund page provides the most recent allocation recommendations of stock(s) and fund(s). We continuously update this page by adding customer requested stocks and funds.

Who Do We Serve?

Our Premium Membership gives stock market investors access to the TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios. The Risk-Cash Ratios provide you the information you need to immediately become a Value Investor in stocks..

Federal employees – For only an annual cost of $249.99, the TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios provide the Federal Employee investor a percentage value indicating how much of your TSP portfolio should be invested at a maximum and how much of your TSP portfolio should be in cash at a minimum (margin of safety) based on recent market price action.

Individual Stock and Fund Investors – For only an annual cost of $249.99, the investor receives Risk-Cash Ratios for Individual Stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds. Investors have the opportunity to add to our list of stocks, ETFs, and Mutual Funds based on their personal interests and investments.  Contact us to access our Risk-Cash Ratio page today.

How does it work?

Federal Employees – weekly we publish the recommended allocation percentages for each fund within each TSP model portfolio.

Individual Stock and Fund Investors – weekly we publish the allocation percentages of the stock(s), ETF(s), or mutual fund(s) of choice.

As prices move up, we retain some of our regular contribution in cash.

As prices move down, we use our cash together with our regular contribution to buy more shares at lower prices.

The system automatically integrates Value Investing for ‘Improved Performance’ and a higher ‘Margin of Safety’.

See examples of some of our past Risk-Cash Ratio postings provided to our members located under the Example TSP Allocations menu tab and the Stock Investor Pages menu tab.


What are the TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios?

The TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios are calculations based on a proprietary tool to determine the risk profile for a stock or fund.

The TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios guide us on how to respond to market pull-backs and corrections using our accumulated cash pool.

The TradeMyTrades Risk-Cash Ratios guide us to reduce our exposure as market prices move up by gradually increasing our cash pool, allowing us to buy more shares at lower prices later.

Only a few minutes each pay-period or a time period of choice is required to self-manage investments for increased profit potential at lower risk exposure.

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